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Thailand’s latest high-tech ride-hailing taxi service – DACSEE

Hailing from Malaysia, the launch of Dacsee there saw almost 5,000 drivers sign up within ten days. It’s Malaysian creator San is also the brainchild behind Dacsee’s financial system that allows taxi drivers to pay their initial driver start-up fees in the form of a cryptocurrency while processing fares from passengers with the same tokens. DACSEE is the first platform of its kind – a fully decentralized and autonomous ride-hailing service. Modeled after a multi-level marketing system, it allows drivers to recruit other drivers to create their own fleet and earn higher commission levels.
Dacsee is run by the community and everyone in the community gets a share of the rewards based on proof of work. Drivers can recruit friends and earn extra commissions. They can also pass on their business to their children. Passengers can also add taxis into their circle of preferred drivers, meaning all drivers performing well can potentially build a huge customer base, well into the thousands, who will keep giving them repeat business. Like other taxi apps, rides on Dacsee are also monitored for passenger safety.