Food E Productions – Inspirational Chefs meet together to educate

For those with a taste for the exotic and exquisite Bangkok is a destination that delivers all that and more. From sizzling street food to five star feasting, the sights, sounds, scents and the incredible dining diversity make this city a Mecca for food lovers and more than a few world class chefs…

Bursting on to scene are the newcomers Food E Productions. Established in Thailand by renowned Dutch Chef Marco Westmaas and US management professional Wayne Schnapp. Their aim is to further promote sustainable farming of both crops and animals by using large-scale food events as a platform to bring food producers, consumers and chefs together to inspire and educate.

The team’s first event featured the 3-Michelin Star Chef Jacob Jan Boerma, head chef and owner of De Leest restaurant in Vaassen, in the Netherlands and Guillermo Gonzalez, the rising star mixologist from the Hiding in Plain Sight bar in Amsterdam. They joined forces to bring an avant-garde culinary experience to Thailand.