Impulse Thailand – Networking as a Group

Anyone who does business in Thailand or is looking to make new friends knows the importance of networking. Cees Cuijpers is one of Thailand’s networking gurus. From an annual card-swapping event in the coastal city of Pattaya he branched out to create the now well-known Movers & Shakers networking events, held at a different 5 Star Hotel every month in Bangkok. Today these events attract hundreds of Expats and Thais to mix, mingle and make connections. At the same time the event proceeds go to charity.
Cees has now taken that one step further and brought numerous independent networking-event organizers together under one banner. The new group, IMPULSE THAILAND includes Bangkok Entrepreneurs, Casting Call Asia, Expat Ladies in Bangkok, Fun Events For Charity, German Open Young Professionals, HUBBA Thailand, Movers & Shakers, Positive Night Life, Thailand Professionals, Business Services Agency and Bangkok Charity Orchestra.