Mini. We love the Queen!

Mini Thailand recently gave a Mother’s Day message and a special tribute to Her Majesty the Queen with a Mini Cooper parade to celebrate her 81st Birthday.
Hundreds of mini owners joined in the tribute by starting their engines and heading to a special rendezvous. The drivers parked their cars at Muangthong Thani Lake. The aim was to attract more than 800 Mini owners to create a “Long Live The Queen” formation and a Guinness World record. I joined Alfred from Master Group Corporation to head to the airport where a Royal Thai Airforce helicopter was waiting for us. At the airport, first a briefing from our flight captain….then it was time to get airborne…. it’s not often you get to see Bangkok from this perspective…..
It wasn’t long before we were hovering over Mung Thong Thani and the assembled fleet of Minis. It was a long weekend so the number of Minis was less than expected, and no records were broken, but the message was loud and clear….
The people of Thailand truly love their Queen