Care for Dogs – Chiang Mai. Saving dogs from the dinner table!

Around mid May, Thai police at Nakhon Phanom apprehended a convoy carrying a huge shipment of dogs destined for the dinner tables of Laos, Vietnam and China. They managed to save about a thousand, but the convoy was so large that they couldn’t save them all, and it’s estimated that trucks bearing many thousand more dogs broke through the road block and transported their victims to their doom. Those left behind were in an awful condition. Care for Dogs Medical Coordinator Pamela Bayer, and Yosita Srikun, their Charity Support Coordinator, rushed to Nakhom Phanom and offered their help.
They spent a week, giving endless numbers of injections, offering lots of love and care to the dogs, and helping to clean the shelter.
It was a very intense, emotional, and sometimes harrowing experience for the Care for Dogs team. Contagious diseases like distemper were spreading like wild fire through the shelter and taking a horrifying toll on the dogs.
Pamela and Yosita brought back three dogs to the Care for Dog’s shelter – Pui Pui, Lilly and Malee. It was a hard choice to make, knowing that those left behind faced an un-certain future. Due to the risk of contagious diseases the three rescued dogs are now in a clinic for quarantine and medical care. Care for dogs hopes to find loving homes for Pui Pui, Lilly and Malee and take in more rescued dogs.
Hopefully Pui Pui, Lilly and Malee will soon be released from quarantine and living at the Care for Dogs shelter in outer Chiang Mai, being pampered and groomed in readiness to meet their new owners.
Currently there are about 190 dogs at the shelter which depends heavily on donations. They use about three twenty kilo bags of dog food per day which ends up costing about 30,000 baht a month.
Stray dogs are often brought to the shelter by kind hearted people who have found them wandering the streets. Adoption depends on the dog’s personality and what the new owner is looking for in a pet.
So, if you’re looking for a loyal canine companion, why not give a homeless dog a second chance at a new life? Contact Care for Dogs, at this phone number – 0847 525 255 – or check out their website,