Colours of Passion – An Indian Movie Launch in Bangkok

Lovers of Indian Cinema were recently treated to a special screening in Bangkok of the acclaimed Indian movie Colours of Passion, a look a the life of 19th century Indian painter Raja Ravi Varma.
Raja Ravi Varma, played by actor Randeep Hooda, came from what is today known as Kerala and achieved recognition for his depiction of scenes from the epics of the Mahab-harata and Ramayana. His paintings are considered to be among the best examples of the fusion of Indian traditions with the techniques of European academic art. He is considered among the greatest painters in the history of Indian art. The film, not the traditional Bollywood song and dance fest, is a sensual story about the muse he loved.

Extra Details:
RANG RASIYA, “COLOURS OF PASSION” from India, was the Opening Film of a new Film Series called ‘CINEMA DIVERSE’ to bring films and film-makers from around the world to interact with Thai audiences. This year, the focus is on films and film-makers from Asia. It’s the initiative of the Director of the BANGKOK ART & CULTURE CENTRE (BACC), Khun Luckana Kunavichayanont, to extend the image of BACC so that it becomes a centre for quality-cinema, in addition to being an in-demand-arts-centre which it is today.
The movie was curated by the new FilmSForum movie club, with Pasiree Pana and L.Shankar. Well-known Indian Director KETAN MEHTA and lead-actress NANDANA SEN especially flew down to Bangkok to attend the event courtesy Thai Airways International, who are the top airlines to India with maximum routes to the country.
The event was supported by the Embassy of India and Indian Cultural Centre in particular the culture-loving Indian Ambassador to Thailand, HE Anil Wadhwa. The other Sponsors of the event were Mr HK Agarwal,Executive President of the Aditya Birla Group, Mr Atul Jogani of Almac and the Jogani Group, Mr Suchin Sachaphimukh of Express International, Ms Vinder Balbir of ‘Ms Balbir’s Restaurant’, Rembrandt Hotel Bangkok and Coca Cola.

The next film with be NIKINI VASSA’ (AUGUST DRIZZLE) from Srilanka on SAT 28 JULY. The 2011 movie is the first film of young Director ARUNA JAYAWARDANA who has won many awards at festivals around the world.
The Director will attend the event as also the second lead-actress SULOCHANA WEERASINGHE. The event will be supported by the Embassy of Srilanka, who will provide Srilankan food prior to the screening.

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