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Exploring Chumphon – Island Hopping and Eco-Holidays

When it comes to journeying around the waters off shore from Chumpon, in Thailand’s South, the best known high-speed ferry service is run by Lomprayah. The company has its own jetty on the edge of town and from here you can set off to explore some of Thailand’s most famous island escapes. We cruised past the Chumphon archipelago and then ventured on through turquoise water. Koh Lang Ka Jew is a large bird’s nest concession island. It features white sandy beaches and rocky limestone cliffs that beckon to be climbed. Below the gentle waves, the island is surrounded by several ranges of coral reef so it is a popular diving and snorkeling spot. You’ll discover plenty of hard and soft corals and a large amount of sea life such as bat fish, trevally, fusiliers, turtles and seasonal whale sharks. On shore you can enjoy the beach…..
… or explore the island’s small caves, including Tham Nok Nang Aen, or the swallow cave, which has a stone inscription by King Rama Five.
Our journey continued on through the waters of the gulf of Thailand to another lovely island escape. Pitak Island has pristine natural surroundings and a focus on eco-tourism.
Its name actually means ghost calling. The fishing community here lives in small houses built on wooden poles in the water and along the shores you’ll also see villagers at work in the local coconut plantations. The seafood on offer here is spectacular so make sure you order some BBQ’d and spicy Thai dishes. If you want to stay a bit longer, the home stay is great value and a true rustic introduction to island life in Thailand.

There is a lot to see in the enchanting province of Chumpon. Before you pass through this sleepy gateway to the south, make sure you linger here for a little longer.
You’ll have both a warm welcome and some laid-back holiday memories.

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