Karma Sound Studios – A World Class recording studio near Pattaya

Karma Sound Studios have been called a ‘creative utopia’, a haven hidden away near a beach in Thailand. The beach is the nearby Bang Saray with its lovely fishing village, white sandy shores and tropical views located south of the resort city of Pattaya. Karma is the creation of music industry executive Chris Craker who decided to create a ‘spiritual home’ for artists and bands to create their very best work away from the real world.
After two decades as a record producer at the top of the international music industry, including a Senior VP role at Sony BMG, he became frustrated with ‘the way the music business was heading’ and decided to forge his own path. At Karma, artists are free from the distractions of real life and the constraints of time.
Some bands stay here for months making the most of the resort like surrounds and the state of the art facilities.