Manheim Auctions – Selling cars in Bangkok

Thailand has a huge secondhand car industry and when people want to sell quickly they often turn to the team at Manheim. Manheim Auctions is the largest and highest volume wholesale automobile auction company in the world. The company provides used vehicle services and marketplaces to professional buyers and sellers of the millions of cars that change hands every year. It has set the standard in the wholesale automobile industry for 60 years and has more than 32,000 employees at its 135 auction and office locations around the world. At its huge auction site in Thailand, the auctioneers truly amaze on stage and several hundred cars go under the hammer on a typical day like this…..
On the Bangkok lot you’ll find new cars that have been damaged, road wrecks, bikes and trucks and all manner of vehicles of all ages. Manheim Auctions has a long and colorful history that dates back to 1945. During World War II, auto manufacturers were so involved with the war effort that used cars became the major source of transportation. By 1959, Manheim Auto Auction had become the largest auto auction in the world. In 1994, the company conducted the first ever live satellite auction. Today its technology – the Online Vehicle Exchange — offers a system which enables users to exchange vehicles online among dealers and consignors. The Manheim Simulcast links this to the world market, and is the first company to introduce online selling technologies in Thailand. This system provides an on-line auction service in 100% real time with software developed exclusively by Manheim. Manheim recently celebrated 10 years in Thailand and the company’s international were on hand to join in the milestone event. The anniversary event included a special charity auction and proceeds went to help underprivileged children at Baan Gerda, the children’s charity caring for HIV & AIDS infected orphans, in Lopburi province.

So if you have a vehicle to sell or you want to buy then ask your dealer to take you to a Manheim auction.
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