The Burmese Army Trekking Stick invented by Sir Jeffrey Hill Pig Smythe

When trekking through the wilds of Chiang Mai Province it’s advisable to carry a good strong stick with you. Not only is it a great aid in hiking up mountainous terrain, but it’s also useful for discouraging attacks by rabid dogs as you pass through hill tribe villages.
One of the best available is the Burmese Army trekking stick, invented by Sir Jeffrey Hill Pig Smythe. As a child, he was described as overweight, a bad athlete, and a poor student. His only redeeming quality, according to his teachers, was that he was polite. However he was dogged by failure in every field of human endeavour that he pursued, until his life took a turn for the better when he was drafted into the army during World War 2 and sent to Burma. It was here that he designed the Burmese Army trekking stick.