Young Chef Thailand

The inaugural Young Chefs Thailand Competition took place at Chiang Mai’s Prem Tinasulanon International School. Before the event got started, we took a look around the campus. The school opened in 2001 and is a key part of the innovative Traidhos Three-Generation Community for Learning, designed and created by Thai architect and artist, ML Tri Devakul. Prem is located on a stunning 100-acre campus, with more than 400 students from over 35 countries. Back in the school auditorium the tension was mounting as 24 nervous young chefs aged 12 to 18 from Thailand and the region were preparing for the three courses they’d have to create.The event was the brainchild of David Buck, Head of Boys’ Boarding at Prem school and a gourmet chef himself who has been leading Young Chefs from Prem through the complexity of international cooking.