NZ Tourism Link draws visitors from Thailand to the home of The Hobbit

We’ve all heard of the Lord of the Rings movies and the more recent Hobbit production. Not only have the movies drawn legions of fantasy fans to the cinemas, they’ve also drawn scores of tourists to the location where Peter Jackson created the films — New Zealand.
I was lucky enough to be in New Zealand for the premieres of two Lord of the Rings movies and both the director and the movie’s stars told me how much they love the country’s spectacular scenery.
Thailand travel agents were recently invited to get to know even more about New Zealand. The Kiwi Link South and South East Asia event was held in Bangkok by Tourism New Zealand to enhance the knowledge and exposure of new campaigns by product managers from the region. The 100% Pure New Zealand Specialist program is offering special promotions for agents who can join and complete the country’s new tourism module and help build tourism numbers.
New Zealand received over 510,000 visitors from Asia in 2012 with around 17,000 heading there from Thailand.

Tourism operators from New Zealand were also in Thailand to showcase the best of their country.
New Zealand’s Ambassador to Thailand is equally enthusiastic in encouraging more tourists to visit what he describes as the adventure capital of the world.

So whether it’s to explore the Lord of the Rings locations, ride a jet boat, ski on the snowy alps or jump off a bridge …….why not consider Middle Earth, the land of the long white cloud, as your next holiday escape.